Comparatively Speaking, My Photos Are Awful- And I’m Ok With That

Food Porn… I’ll admit it: I love it. I’ll go so far as to say that I’m almost addicted to it. I spend several hours a week on Foodgawker, browsing the pictures; looking for a dish I’d like to spend some time with and make my own. Don’t look at me like that. You’ve seen it- and you’ve probably drooled over it at least a little. At the very least you’ve seen it and thought “Hey- I’d eat that”. But if you’re like me you see the amazing food pictures in magazines, on TV, and on the internet and you oggle them openly; dreaming about how that dish tastes because it looks so good you have to stop yourself from licking the screen, or imagining the delightful texture (that they’ve so cleverly highlighted) on your tongue. I also happen to see those and think “I can make that, better than they can even- it just won’t look anything like what’s in the picture”.  And that’s the catch. When you see food porn you are looking at something shot by a professional almost every single time. Food porn, like regular porn, isn’t real. The food, like the act, is real- sure. The dish was cooked mostly according to the recipe, with a tweak here and there for aesthetics, so that the final product can be molded into something that will be the height of photogenic. And that, my friends, defeats the whole purpose of why I am writing this blog. I’m going to be arrogant for a moment, so bear with me. (I am the Humble Food Snob after all. Sometimes I’m prone to a bit of actual snobbery ;.)) When I cook or bake, the results are- usually- pretty darn amazing. BUT, while it looks very appetizing,  it doesn’t look like something you’d find on Foodgawker or on the cover of a magazine. And I realized something recently: that is how it should be! I write my blog to help people understand that with a very few exceptions anyone can do what I do! Anyone can turn out fantastic food- you just have to learn how and the lessons are not that hard! I’ve been beating myself up since I started this blog because my pictures aren’t food porn. I’ve seriously come to the brink of giving up on something I truly enjoy because my pictures aren’t “good enough”. They aren’t something that a food editor would jump at to put on a magazine or feature in an article online. That being the case I was convinced that my blog wouldn’t be a success. I have recently realized that that is not the truth. For my blog to be a success all it takes is ONE PERSON to be inspired to try to cook something they wouldn’t have considered before; for ONE PERSON to realize that they can cook! So no- my pictures are not professional quality. If that turns you off I’m sorry. But I will continue to try my hardest to get the best pictures I can and hopefully they will be sufficient to boost the inspiration! So, that being said, my next blog post will be an actual food post- with a recipe and all! :.)

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