Summer Sucks VII: Summer Sucks. Seriously.

So I’m taking this week off. Why? Because I’ve had a crappy week, that’s why. We have been having MAJOR issues with the minivan we bought in February and the worst of it has been in the last 2 weeks. I’ve seen our mechanic far more than any person should see their mechanic. Ever. Last week I almost caused an accident because the van was acting up and so back to the mechanic I went. The time from last Tuesday to this Tuesday was spent trying to get life lived with no transportation and figure out how to still get things accomplished in a town that is not very walking-friendly. Most of it is a blur. An exhausting blur. Needless to say, being able to blog was a fond wish this last week.

The van is kindof fixed now so we’ll see what happens. I can at least get to the grocery store and do what needs to be done appointment-wise, so life is somewhat better now. All I can do is smile and continue on. I’m still Blessed and Loved and that’s more than I could ever ask for. I will have a post up next Wednesday and it’s going to be awesome! I really think you’re going to like this one! 🙂

Only 8 more weeks of summer left! I can’t even tell you how ready I am for summer to end after this week. C’mon autumn!

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