Summer Suck XI: A Week Off for Something Fun

I have to take this week off so that I can put my time and effort into something even more fun than making food for my blog: my youngest sister’s wedding! She is getting married to her very own beloved this Friday and I am helping my mom with the food for the wedding as well as dinner later that night for the family that is visiting for this wonderful event. With all of the huge things in limbo in our family right now I just can’t do the wedding food and the blog post I had in mind this week in addition to everything else. Things would go badly. So I decided that the blog post can wait, it’s the least important- I’ll only get the opportunity to help with my sister’s wedding once!

I couldn’t leave you with no recipe at all this week though. One of the things I will be making this week is a huge batch of my BBQ Sauce that I will be canning as well as using for Saturday night’s dinner.


Sweet, smoky, a tiny bit spicy…  It’s perfect for the BBQ beef I’m making or anything you could be putting on the grill this weekend!

I’ll be back next week with a tasty little concoction that will cool you off but put you in the mood for Christmas at the same time! With only FOUR WEEKS left of summer it’s nearly time for me to start thinking about Christmas morning breakfast as well as Christmas dinner & dessert. 🙂

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