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Good grief, it’s been almost a year. A year!! SO MUCH has happened in that year, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to come back. I’ve wanted to, but it just hasn’t been in the cards until now. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even care at this point if I came back. But I’ve heard from a few loyal readers (I have loyal readers! I had no idea!) and they’re asking for more. That is so incredibly gratifying, you guys. Seriously. It almost made me cry. I’ve always said that if my blog helps one person enjoy food a little more, I’ll keep going. So here I am, in the kitchen again, with recipes to share. I have some truly amazing food to show you, starting next week 🙂

So after being informed by my BFF that the print feature I added awhile back actually prints the entire blog post instead of only the recipe like I wanted it to, I have (with a little help from a more experienced blogger) figured out how to make only the recipe in each post printable. Yay! So from now on you will be able to print only the best part of each post: the recipe! And when I get time here and there I will go back and add the feature to all of my other posts (which number 72 as of today, so it may take me a little while to get it done). Thank you all for sticking with me thus far! ❤

I’ve had some requests for a “print recipe” feature, so I looked around and found one of those! You can now find a new button on each post. It’s labeled “print and PDF” and it can be found at the very bottom of each post along with the sharing buttons. You’re welcome and thanks for your continued support! ❤

This has not been a great year. My husband got laid off from his crappy job with a long commute (30 miles. Through a winding canyon. Full of looky-loo tourists. Took him an hour each way) thanks to Obamacare. I was worried- I can’t even tell you how desperately we needed that income, but within a week of getting the news that his contract wouldn’t be renewed he was in the beginning stages of starting a new job. A better job. A really good job, actually. So we rejoiced that God hadn’t let us find a new home where Ron’s crappy job was; meaning we would have been stuck there and he would have had the same long commute each day, just in the opposite direction each way. And we started looking for a new home here in Loveland. I was so happy that we would be able to move into our own place and start living our life as a family in better times again. I was elated that we would be able to give our kids some really good Christmas gifts and that we would be able to give them the one thing they truly wanted: our own home again. Notice a theme? Our own home. We have been in this situation too long. And every time we start to get back on our feet they get knocked out from under us again. This time was no different. Once again, thanks to Obamacare, Ron got laid off. Only this time we were blindsided. He went to work, normal as could be, on a Monday and on that Tuesday morning he walked in and they told him that Monday was his last day and they were awfully sorry. We are now in the process of looking for a new job for Ron as well as considering attempting to get him trained for something so he can bring in a good income instead of struggling just to pay basic bills. That being the case, our gift fund is at exactly $0. Holiday cheer has been thin on the ground this year.

So as we are without an income and my hope is trickling down the drain, Christmas is all but canceled. “All but” because we have kids. We can’t just cancel Christmas. We are attempting to hold on to the REAL reason for Christmas and make the holiday about Jesus, not gifts. It’s hard but we’re working at it and the kids are still happy…

Anyone else out there struggling to be merry this Christmas? This is such a hard time of year for so many people- for so many reasons. I know full well we aren’t the only ones. Sometimes we all need a little holiday boost- whatever the holiday. And sometimes that boost needs to involve liquor. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying “turn to booze!” I was married to an alcoholic at one time- I know better than that. But sometimes we all need the warm fuzziness of a hot mug of sweet, spicy, tinglyness-inducing holiday cheer. This SO fits the bill! Nothing outlandish, nothing too fancy, just holiday cheer you can hold in your hands.

All you need is this…


Surprising? It was for me when I finally looked up the recipe for hot buttered rum. I always thought it would be more complicated than that. I was very happy to learn I was wrong! You don’t HAVE to add the spices; in the original version from American Colonial times they were only added by the well to do because spices were still pretty pricey. But the spices definitely add a nice touch so I always add them.

All you have to do is mix the ingredients all together and you’ve got hot buttered rum batter. Seriously- it’s that simple. You can use a hand or stand mixer or you can just mix it well by hand. You end up with “batter”…


To make a mug of hot buttered rum just mix 1 tablespoon of the batter with 8 ounces of boiling water (or apple cider- it’s awesome with hot apple cider!) and 3/4 – 1 1/2 ounces of spiced rum. I use the lesser amount but use what you like.  Stir it all together well to melt the butter and dissolve the sugar and you’re done.


Drink this slowly while you’re watching the snow pile up outside or while you watch one of the myriad Christmas movies that are all around us this time of year. Hopefully before you get to the dregs at the bottom of the mug you’ll have been lifted out of any kind of funk you’ve been in and back on the road to Christmas cheerfulness. Let this beautiful little mug of sweetness & spice remind you of all the things that are truly important at Christmas. And share with those around you- you never know when someone else could use a mug of cheer as well.

The Recipe:

1 Stick Butter, very soft

1 C Brown Sugar

1 t Cinnamon

1/2 t Ginger (or Cloves, or 1/2 t each)

1/8 – 1/4 t nutmeg (to taste)

The Method:

*Combine all ingredients well.

*Transfer to an airtight container.

*Store in the fridge or on the counter. I keep mine on the counter because I keep my butter on the counter. I hate cold butter. If keeping butter on the counter creeps you out, store this in the fridge.

To Make a Hot Buttered Rum:

*In a mug, combine 1 T batter, 8 ounces boiling water (or boiling apple cider), and 3/4 ounce to 1 1/2 ounces of dark, spiced rum. I use the lesser amount because I want to enjoy a cocktail, not get punched in the jaw with liquor.

*Stir well to dissolve the sugar and melt the butter.

As some of you may have noticed, there was no post last week. I should have had a post ready to go on October 23rd. I wanted to have a post ready. But it was just not in the cards. Someone (at times multiple someones) in my family has been sick at all times for the last almost 2 months. I’m fairly certain we’re recycling the same bug. My FIL refuses to go to the doctor and isn’t getting better so I’m pretty sure he is helping to perpetuate the whole thing. So I have been busy cleaning things almost nonstop; trying to stop the spread of germs, taking care of my sick and well family and my usual daily duties, all while being sick myself. Blogging just wasn’t going to happen this week. This particular bug carries with it an unpleasant, nagging cough. The kind that, once you start, it’s really hard to stop. So I’ve been making my husband, my kids, and myself this lemon honey “tea”. So long as you’re sipping on it the cough stays pretty much at bay and you can carry on with normal life. This also soothes a sore and scratchy throat which is always a nice bonus.

This “recipe” is simple enough that you could make a big batch of it for a thermos to take with you to school or work and drink it through the day so you can soldier on, or you can just make it by the cupful while you hunker down under blankets on the couch and wait it out.

This “tea” is so simple it’s almost embarrassing to post but there are a lot of people out there who don’t know about it so I’m putting it here in hopes it will help in the coming cold & flu season. You only need 3 ingredients:


Yes, I realize there are only two items pictured here. But the third ingredient is water. Do you really need a picture of water? No? Good. Moving on…

This “tea” is entirely subjective. Some people drink it with just a tiny bit of honey and a lot of lemon. I can’t stand it that way- too tart. And you don’t get the full benefits of the honey for your throat & cough. So I usually err on the side of more honey. I use 6 ounces of boiling water, 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of honey. Naturally, adjust those to your liking. Just don’t skimp on the honey too much. The whole point is to soothe the throat and honey does an amazing job of that! In fact, sometimes I just tell my kids to open their mouths and tilt their heads back so I can drop about a teaspoon of honey into the back of their throat. That will calm their cough- so long as they don’t drink anything- for at least 30 minutes. Certainly as long as a conventional cough drop.

So you’ve mixed the lemon juice and honey into the boiling water. You end up with…


A beautiful amber liquid that will help ease your state of illness-induced malcontent. And as a bonus, I’m going to tell you how to use this to help you sleep. Get yourself some chamomile tea. Seriously. It’s that easy. Here’s the kind we use:


It doesn’t have to be this brand. Heck- you can use some you’ve grown yourself; it’s easy to grow indoors even. Just make sure it’s caffeine free and 100% chamomile. Steep the chamomile in the boiling water for about 3 minutes before you add the honey & lemon juice. Drink it right before bed and it should help ease you to sleep. My husband actually drinks this before bed every night, whether he’s sick or not. It’s been helping to ease his insomnia rather nicely.

So there you have it. Now you have a weapon in the fight against cold & flu season and the little germ mongers that bring it in the house (aka KIDS). And this one isn’t loaded with poisons and artificial colorings like the ones you buy from the store. A check in the plus column if ever there was one!

The Recipe:

6 Oz Boiling Water

Lemon Juice (fresh or bottled), to taste

Honey, to taste

The Method:

*Stir. Really- it’s too easy. I wasn’t even going to put the method on here this time but the page looked funny without it 😉

I have come to the realization this year that I really can’t complain about this summer too much. I started the Summer Sucks Series as a way to get through what was promising to be an incredibly hot and miserable summer. It was a way to continue blogging like I wanted to but also to help myself and all of you out there in internet-land to enjoy a season that can be miserable. This summer, however, really hasn’t been all that unbearable. Yes, we’ve had some super hot days but they were mostly at the beginning of the summer. Up until last week, the weather has been cooler and we’ve had MUCH more rain than we had last summer. It’s been downright tolerable- nigh enjoyable. But I won’t go too far; we are back up into the 90’s after all.

As I said in my last post, summer is very close to being over and that means it’s nearly time for me to start planning for Christmas. I do this so incredibly early for a variety of reasons- one of them being that the really good sales on baking supplies will start soon, as they keep moving these things earlier & earlier in the year. Pretty soon the holiday baking sales will start sometime in May! But the deals really are too good to pass up simply because it’s too warm to start thinking about Christmas. So today’s recipe is a way to get into the holiday planning spirit as well as lift my morale and help me make it through the last leg of summer. Frozen Hot Chocolate is an incredibly tasty way to while away some time during the summer; whether it’s sitting at the desk making out the menu for Christmas dinner or sitting in a chair in the shade, dreaming of the cold weather to come!

You only need a few ingredients…


(I do apologize if the pictures aren’t up to even my fairly low par. I’m having to get used to Windows 8 now and there’s definitely a learning curve when jumping from Vista to 8!) 

There are a few hot chocolate-type things you can use for this.  I happen to have some hot chocolate mix from last year hanging around in my pantry. It was part of a gift someone (who had no idea I would much prefer to make my own rather than use a mix- and I’m not ill-mannered enough to say anything; it was a GIFT after all) gave me and I hate wasting things, so I figured I’d use it for something. Turns out it works perfectly well for this. But you could also use Ovaltine, chocolate milk powder (such as Nesquick), or a homemade hot chocolate mix (there are dozens of versions out there. I urge you to find one that strikes your fancy and forgo the mixes). This recipe is done in two parts: making the chocolate mixture and blending everything together. You can make the chocolate mixture and then go work on your to-do list- like weeding the garden- while it cools, then come back and put the whole thing together and enjoy your frosty reward 🙂

You’re going to use a bain-marie, or double boiler, for this recipe. A lot of people find this intimidating because they’ve heard horror stories of scorched chocolate and steam burns from people who weren’t paying attention while they worked. Naturally these people made it sound as though they were minding their own business, being careful like the needed too, and the double boiler just burned their chocolate for no reason or steam just maliciously flooded out from the lower pan and gave them a nasty burn for no reason at all. In reality they weren’t paying attention and let the water boil dry in the lower pan and they ended up scorching the chocolate because the heat was too high. Or they decided they could just pick up the upper bowl without being careful; either not remembering or not caring that there is, in fact, steam in the lower pan and that it will burn you if you’re not paying attention. Anyway, it’s incredibly easy to make your own double boiler. No one needs those ridiculous double poiler pan inserts they sell at the store. Here’s my rig:


A pan with about an inch of water in the bottom (or 2 if you’re using a pan as big as mine) and a bowl that will fit inside snugly without touching the water at all.  Bring the water to a simmer and keep it there- all you’re doing is creating enough heat to gently melt the chocolate in the bowl.  If your water starts to get low, add more and keep the simmer going. But as you’re only melting a few ounces of chocolate you should be fine with just the initial water.

Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, add the sugar and chocolate powder of choice. You’ll get something that looks grainy and no longer beautifully smooth…


That’s how it should look- don’t worry. Now add 1/2 a cup of the milk, slowly. You may want to switch to a whisk for this. I found it made things easier. Keep the heat under the double boiler while adding the milk so that the chocolate doesn’t cool too quickly and make things harder to mix. You’ll end up with a nice, smooth mixture:


Very nice! Now let this sit for a little while and come to room temperature. Once it’s cooled you’ll need the rest of the milk and some ice- about 3 cups. Add the chocolate mixture to the blender as well and hit the “icy drinks” button until everything is as smooth as your blender can get it. You end up with…


Something frosty and intensely chocolatey! I used semi-sweet chocolate chips for this batch and it’s almost too chocolatey for me, not being a huge chocolate fan.  Normally I make this with milk chocolate chips or bars but I was out. This is also fantastic with a little mint extract or candy canes crushed and added before blending. A drizzle of caramel wouldn’t go amiss either 🙂 I should also warn you that this WILL NOT taste like a milkshake- just like hot chocolate tastes a bit different than regular chocolate milk. This tastes like hot chocolate, just cold!

I know, I know; I skipped a week. I was a fool to think that I could get a blog post done while getting ready to send my girls off to their first day of school (Zachariah is in preschool and they didn’t start until this week). So I missed a week. I am sorry about that. But the up side is that this week I get to write that there’s only TWO MORE WEEKS OF SUMMER LEFT!!! YAY! I am so done with the heat that has made it’s way back to our little part of the world and I am beyond ready for Autumn!

The Recipe: 

3 Oz Chocolate of Choice (I prefer milk but you can use anything you like/have on hand)

5 t Sugar

2 t Hot Chocolate Mix (Homemade, NesQuick, Ovaltine, or any kind of hot chocolate mix works)

1 1/2 C Milk, divided

3 C Ice

The Method:

*In a double boiler (as described above), melt the 3 ounces chocolate until smooth.

*Add the sugar and chocolate powder and stir to combine.

*Add 1/2 C of the milk and whisk until smooth, still over the heat in the double boiler.

*Remove mixture from the heat and let cool to room temperature. (This will only take about 15 minutes)

*Put ice, remaining milk, and chocolate mixture into the blender and blend until smooth (as smooth as you can get it. It seems every blender leave a little ice un-crushed.)

*Pour, garnish as desired, and enjoy!

I don’t know about your kids but mine can’t eat the minute they get out of bed in the morning. They need to be up and around for at least 20 minutes before they can eat a good breakfast- my son especially. He needs at least 30-45 minutes of being awake & out of bed before he can eat. This creates a problem- in 2 different ways. First, during school the kids only have a set amount of time to get everything done before the bus gets here. So I have to find breakfast foods for them that have a goodly amount of protein and will help fill them up but it can’t be anything that makes their tummies feel heavy. And second, by the time they are ready for breakfast on a typical summer day it’s too hot to actually cook anything. My kids like cereal ok but it’s not their favorite and they can’t eat it too many days in a row as the main attraction at breakfast. Especially since I try to stick to the “healthy”, non-mainstream cereals, which limits the variety somewhat. In trying to find a solution to these problems I came across recipes for drinkable yogurt and it’s become a favorite for my kids. I make it fairly often and the hardest part is washing the blender- which is not hard at all 🙂

Surprising no one, The Humble Food Snob refuses to buy drinkable yogurt. No, it’s not because of the recent press about Dannon using ground cochineal bugs in their red colored products. Those have been used as a coloring agent for various things for centuries- I have no problem with them at all. And if you realized what the government allows into processed foods and in what amounts (try searching “how many rat hairs are allowed in food?” and see what you find) my bet is you wouldn’t have much of a problem with cochineal as a food coloring anymore either. No, what I have a problem with is the fact that the stores charge such an exorbitant amount of money for those tiny little bottles of drinkable yogurt. My kids gravitate to those like moths to a flame and I have to explain, once again, that they are far too expensive for what you get. Eventually they’ll understand. And it’s never too early to start teaching value for money and how to be effectively thrifty but not stingy. My kids already have an appreciation for homemade things and normally ask for them. It makes this home maker very proud 🙂

Drinkable yogurt is a very personal thing and can be made at home according to your personal taste so this will be more of a method post instead of a recipe post. Do you want thick, tangy, almost UNdrinkable yogurt? Then use very little milk or juice and extra fruit. Would you prefer a nearly imperceptible yogurt flavor and a consistency that will easily be drinkable from a to go cup? Then use more liquid as well as fruits that puree easily in the blender (like bananas and strawberries). This differs from a smoothie in that you don’t add any solid things like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, oatmeal, ice, or the like. This is just straight yogurt, liquid, and fruit (if desired). So if you’re looking for something that will fill you up and be all that you have for breakfast this will probably disappoint- you should go with a smoothie. But if you want something light and/or something that will go along with, say, a granola bar then this is for you!

Here’s what I typically use for drinkable yogurt:

photo (1)

If you don’t want to use milk you can substitute fruit juice of some kind. Pretty much any juice works- it just depends on what you want the finished product to taste like. My kids & I are very partial to pineapple juice with the banana to make a very tropical drink but as I didn’t get any from the store this trip, I’m using milk. Apple juice will give you a nice, fairly neutral flavor, and orange juice will give you an almost Orange Julius type drink. And if you want to use plain yogurt that’s fine too. Use whatever you’d prefer for all of the ingredients- that’s what makes this so easy!

Unfortunately I can’t give you a whole lot in the way of measurements. I’ll try to give you good pictures of the side of the blender so that you can see about how much I use to make enough for the kids to have about 6-8 ounces apiece.

Here’s the yogurt and 2 bananas:

photo (3)

Now all that’s left is the milk:

photo (4)

Now blend this thoroughly and check to make sure you have enough milk to make it drinkable. My kids love to drink with straws (what kid doesn’t?!) so I make sure mine has a VERY liquid consistency. I end up with 3 small glasses of breakfast time happiness…

photo (5)

This makes a great snack too! Why, I bet this would even make great popsicles 🙂

We’re down to 5 weeks of summer! The kids start school in 2 weeks (well, the girls do- my son has to wait another week after that) and they are so very ready to go back! I’m ready for them to go back too, for that matter 🙂

The Ingredients:



Milk (any kind) or Juice

The Method:

*Blend all ingredients together until drinkable.

It’s July. ONLY July. And we’ve had several days of 90-110 degree heat. In Northern Colorado. If you’ve never been to Northern Colorado, let me tell you that it’s not supposed to get that hot here. And up until about 10 years ago it rarely did. But with climate change being a constant through the millennia we are in a hot cycle. (FYI: This is a food blog and will stay on that topic. I will not banter back & forth about “global warming”. Any comments hinging on such will not be approved.) As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do well in the heat- nor does my family- so I often search for things to help my family stay cool. I’ve seen MANY recipes for watermelon lemonade and they all call for a huge amount of watermelon. I don’t have the space required to keep a massive watermelon. We are living with my inlaws at the moment and have to share fridge and food storage space in a 3 bedroom house. NO room for ginormous watermelons! So I buy the “personal” watermelons- Dulcinea’s. That way we can still enjoy watermelon and have room for other food in the fridge. This being the case, I decided to play with the recipe a bit for watermelon lemonade. I took the recipe for regular lemonade off the side of the Sam’s-sized bottle of ReaLemon and replaced about 2/3 of the water with watermelon juice. It turned out really good! So here you go- something to help make the hot afternoons pass a little smoother.

I started with watermelon I had put in a ziplock bag and stashed in the freezer. I thawed it and put it in the blender thus…


You will notice that there are lots of seeds, but only the little whiteish ones. The Dulcinea melons I use are “seedless” so I just throw everything in the blender. From what I’ve read you can do this with the regular watermelon as well. From the one small melon I ended up with about 5 1/4 cups of flesh & juice. I put this on puree for about 20 seconds and then  poured the contents into a towel lined bowl…


I can hear it now: “A TOWEL lined bowl?!” Indeed; a towel lined bowl. I don’t buy cheesecloth. It’s ridiculously expensive for everything but making cheese. When I start making cheese (someday- but not now) I will buy cheesecloth. Instead I use old-fashioned flour sack towels. They are thin enough to strain through, tough enough to take some major wringing, and plenty big for any job. “But don’t they stain?” Yes they do. Do I care? No I don’t. I wash them well and don’t worry about it beyond that. You can use a mesh sieve as well, you’ll just end up with a little more pulp- no big deal at all. Once you have the pulp and juice in the towel, bring the corners together, twist the slack until the juice starts running, and just keep twisting. Go until you’re down to an unsteady dripping, and then put the spent pulp aside. You end up with…


Almost 4 cups of some of the most beautiful juice there is. Now just add enough water to make 6 1/2 cups, add the lemon juice, the sugar, stir, and enjoy! This makes a super refreshing drink that is perfect for a picnic in the park or just sitting as still as possible so you don’t sweat 🙂 You do need to drink this fairly quickly after it’s made as it does settle into 2 distinct layers and the melon flavor starts to taste a bit funny the next day.


OH– only 10 more weeks of summer left! We’re almost to single digits- yay!

The Recipe:

5-5 1/2 C Watermelon, cut into chunks

~ 2 1/4 C Water

1 C Lemon Juice (preferably fresh squeezed but the bottled stuff will work. There might be a very slight “skunky” taste.)

1/2-3/4 C Sugar or Honey (it all depends on how sweet your watermelon is)

The Method:

*Puree the watermelon in either a blender or food processor.

*Strain the puree as well as possible.

*Measure the juice- there should be about 4 C. Add enough water to bring the total to 6 1/2 cups.

*Pour that mixture and the sugar (or honey) into a large pitcher (at least a 2 quart) and stir to dissolve the sugar. Serve over ice. To prevent the ice from melting too much you can start with cold ingredients and/or use juice ice cubes (which is exactly what it sounds like: put juice into an ice cube tray and freeze. You could also make watermelon lemonade cubes!).

I, unlike most of the country it seems, am not a huge coffee drinker. I don’t need it to wake up and/or be human in the morning. In fact, I don’t even own a coffee pot. BUT I do enjoy a cup of coffee on the super cold days of the year. Sitting in a comfortable chair and enjoying a cup of hot coffee while I knit, read or just watch the snow or rain fall is a fantastic way to relax and take a break. And in the summer I do so enjoy an iced coffee or frap. I love to sit and talk to a friend while sitting in the shade (or, even better, the air conditioning) and visiting over tall glasses of iced coffee or frosty fraps. So it’s not that I dislike coffee; I just don’t need it to function.

Given how vocal I’ve been on this blog and in my life about the quality and price of store bought and (most but not all) restaurant items, I couldn’t call myself the Humble Food Snob any longer if I didn’t make my own coffee drinks- hot, cold, or frozen- and beg you to try the same! And in all honesty, coffee shops (big chain AND locally owned) should be ashamed of themselves for charging what they do. It is, as my grandad used to say, highway robbery. For the cost of two (2) “grande”- which is what most people seem to order, the size I make at home, and the size on which I am basing this price comparision- iced coffees at Starbucks, I bought a large jar of instant coffee that will make at least two (2) DOZEN of the same!! That is a savings of nearly $100 from just one jar of coffee!! If you stop at the coffee shop more than occasionally (which would be about once a month or less) I beg you to let that sink in for a moment. What can you think of that you could spend an extra $100 on? Think about that the next time you’re in line at your favorite coffee shop. And this savings doesn’t apply to just coffee drinks. Try running the numbers on a plain ol’ cup of coffee sometime- they are even more staggering!

Ok, ok… I’m off my soapbox now. I don’t mean to brow beat. I really, truly, sincerely want to help you and yours enjoy life a little more! Anyway… Making your own iced coffee is super simple, especially if you think ahead a little bit and make the coffee the night before. I made mine a couple of days ago so I don’t have a picture of making the coffee. But it’s so easy you don’t really need an illustration. Just measure 10 ounces of water (you could go up to 12 to make things easier if you wanted to, just make the spoonfuls of coffee heaping instead of level) and heat it to boiling. Add 2 tablespoons of the instant coffee and transfer to a container. I use a mason jar with a lid & seal but anything you can easily pour out of will work. Let the coffee chill, up to about 3 days. After that the coffee will be bitter.

Here is what I use for my iced coffees. I LOVE caramel/vanilla iced coffee so that’s what I usually do. You can use any flavoring you want- which is one of the great things about doing this at home 🙂 You could use powdered creamer if you want. I’ve done it several times. But you have to REALLY stir the ingredients or put everything in a container big enough to shake and then pour it all into a glass.


Yes. That is purchased ice cream topping. I’m having a bit of trouble making my own caramel sauce. It’s frustrating, but I’ll get there eventually. And when I do I will no longer buy caramel sauce! Moving on… I use a 16 ounce reusable to go cup for this. If you use something smaller than 16 ounces you’ll need to adjust the quantities accordingly- and no, I don’t know what those would be. Sorry. Put 1/2 a cup of the cold coffee into your glass. This gives a nice, strong coffee flavor so try it once before you decide to make it with more.


Whoa! VERY close up, I know. But I thought I’d try to make it a little easier to do this without measuring everything. Now you can clearly see how far up the cup the ingredients go.

Next I add the caramel sauce- about 1 heaping tablespoon. This could easily be chocolate syrup instead to make a Caffe Mocha. Or you could just add sugar if you want plain coffee flavored coffee 🙂 Now is also when I add the creamer. I put about 3-4 tablespoons in but I like my coffee VERY light and VERY sweet.

IMG_0105.JPG (2)

As all of these ingredients are cold, you will need to give this a vigorous stirring. If you wanted to you could certainly just put all of the ingredients into a shaker jar and be done a little quicker. But as I’m the one who does the dishes, I prefer to just stir it with a spoon. Now add the milk of your choice until the glass is about 3/4 full.


Give it one more stir to make sure everything is mixed, add some ice cubes (I use 4), put the lid on, and enjoy!

Didn’t I mention that I enjoy fraps too? You can easily turn this into a frap by using adding a little more ice (up it to about 8-10 cubes) and putting everything into the blender. Give it a good whir & you’ve got a frap!

Oh! You could also make this an iced chai! An average hot cup of chai is 8 oz, so use whatever chai tea you normally use (concentrate, bags, or lose), add 2 more ounces of water, and make it double strength. (You can go triple like the coffee, but be careful; chai tea has peppercorns in it so it will have a kick. Definitely make sure you dilute it enough with milk!) You can use the flavored creamer or just sugar and milk if you prefer. There are so many variations on this concept that it staggers the mind! And every single one of them can easily be made at home, for FAR less money than the coffee shops want you to realize.

I almost forgot… Only 11 more weeks of summer! I can almost see the golden Autumn light at the end of the tunnel!! 🙂

The Recipe:

10 Oz Water

2 T Instant Coffee Granules

(The above will make enough for THREE iced coffees/fraps. You can divide this and freeze it if you don’t want iced coffee 3 days in a row. Just thaw gently- don’t get it hot- when you’re ready to use it, or let sit in the fridge overnight.)

Milk of your choice

Flavored Coffee Creamer, if desired

Sugar, if desired

Flavoring syrup of your choice, if desired


The Method:

*Boil the water.

*Add coffee granules and stir.

*Chill until cold, up to 3 days.

*In a tall glass, add 1/2 cup of the coffee, the flavorings, and sweeteners of your choice. This is entirely subjective. I have given the amounts that I use in the above but really it’s up to you and your tastes.